Legacy of the heart

This site is an informative site. Users will not be able to purchase any product from the DJBD site. They can see the information on the site and if they want to buy any product they click on the buy button to purchase it redirects them to the LOTH site where they can place an order.

This is an E-Commerce Site where a user can purchase products.

Apps Used in the site

QR Code Generator Hub: This App allows us to generate QR codes, We can customize the QR code like we can add a logo under the QR code. We can change the color of the QR code. We can set the QR code pattern shape and set the frame for the QR code.

Email: I have added a subscription form to the site by using this app.

QR Code process by QR code generator hub app

On the DJBD site there is a QR code added for each and every Product page and these QR Codes are created by using the QR Code generator app. When a user scans the QR Code of the specific product it opens the same page on their mobile device.

The same Product QR Codes of the DJBD site are added on LOTH Products. So if you scan the QR Code of the DJBD product or LOTH product it opens the product of the DJBD site.

custom QR code process:

The purpose of a Custom QR code is that the user can Add Images, Audio, Video, documents, etc on a QR code and when they Purchase that QR code they can send it to anyone whom they want to display that data. Custom QR codes Process functionality is implemented by using the LARAVEL FRAMEWORK.

A user can select a plan to purchase the QR Code under which they will add their data.

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